The Edge 
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The PiXL Edge is a framework for schools to develop and accredit in students those personal attributes essential for employability and life.

The scheme will focus on five key attributes:
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Initiative
  • Resilience
  • Communication

Students will qualify at three levels: Level 1: PiXL Apprentice Level 2: PiXL Graduate Level 3: PiXL Master At each level there are a variety of approved activities that students can undertake for each of the key attributes, the number of activities that need to be completed varies depending on the level.

Student activities database

When a student chooses to select an activity they will complete a short form that asks:
  • Describe your activity, mention what you are going to do and how you are planning to achieve it?
  • Target completion date. Once a student has completed the form and committed to undertake the activity the lead teacher is informed via their teacher view. When a student has selected an activity their individual progress bar will show this via the relevant shaded colour.

When a student believes they have completed an activity they will complete a short evaluation form and submit this for verification. This will trigger an alert on the teacher view (shown by a warning explanation mark symbol next to the students name).

The student evaluation will include:
  • What they have learnt from the activity
  • The location and nature of the evidence if required.

On receiving a student’s submission that they have completed an activity, the lead teacher will then assess that this has taken place and consult the evidence if needed. Successfully completed activities will be shown on the student login page by the progress bar – each attribute is colour coded so easy for students to see what they need to do. If the activity has been completed then the colour is bold, if the activity has just been selected and not completed then is it a faded colour. Student progress
will also be shown on the teacher summary page, which lists all students and their progress.
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