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guide to social networks from NSPCC

Surrey County Council - Information about the legal requirements around your child's attendance
Advisory Centre for Education - An organisation providing support for issues, including behaviour, that may be affecting a young person's education.
Talk to Frank - Information relating to alcohol, drugs and substance abuse
Winston's Wish - Practical support for families concerned about a grieving child

Private Fostering - Information for those who are providing accommodation and care for other people's children under the age of 16

NHS Choices Livewell - Establish a healthy lifestyle and find answers to questions about a range of topics, including sexual relationships and drugs

Parenting advice

Anti-Bullying Alliance - Information about behaviour that over time intentionally hurts another person, physically or emotionally
Partnership with Parents provides information and support for parents of children in Surrey with special educational needs
Surrey CAMHS - Advice and links relating to strong feelings that cause fear, worry and distress
Childline - An organisation to support a range of needs, including bullying, self-harm, depression, eating disorders and child abuse.
Family Lives – a national family support charity providing help and support in all aspects of family life including sex and relationships.

National Self Harm Network - The lead UK charity offering support, advice and advocacy services to people affected by self harm directly or in a care role

Please take a look at some of the work and activities the students at NESSS participate in
Student Quotes 
"The school is very supportive"
Angel Year 10 2015
"This school is so great"
Lewis Year 11 2015
 "The school understands me more than my last one"
Tom P Year 11 2015
"Staff always praise you when you do something great"
Summer Year 10 2015
"Positive and encouraging environment"
 Elliece Year 11 2015
"I love it here"
Dan Year 11 2015
"Teachers are encouraging and very understanding"
 Kali Year 10 2015
"Everyone gets along"
 Jasmin Year 10 2015
"All of you have come together to boost my education."
George Year 10 2014
"It’s not the end of the line. I have developed as a person in NESSSS."
David Year 11 2014
"Teachers are easy to get on with, have a joke and make you feel comfortable."
Bill Year 11 2014
"Staff are helpful and make sure I understand everything."
Year 11 2014
"The teachers help keep me focussed and give me more confidence."
Callum Year 11 2014
"Staff are amazing."
Year 10 2014
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